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Asking Governor’s Promise He’ll Represent People Who Pay At The Pump

This afternoon I gave our governor some data and asked him to do a favor similar to what Sam Gejdenson pulled off back when I was about 17 years old. He had managed to catch lots of gas gouging that caused southeastern CT to be the lowest wages and highest gas prices. Prices went down […]


Story and Photos by Marc Frucht Published in Mountaineer Weekly July 20, 1990 Comanche Code Talker Forrest Kassanavoid told soldiers of 124th Sig BN to be proud of their lineage. “You have a special relationship with an Indian Tribe in Oklahoma,” he told them. Kassanavoid shared his World War II, 4th infantry div experiences with […]

Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes

Pat Richardson Video: Transcribed by Marco Frucht Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes I typed this in so that people can make direct quotes if they’d like. I sure would. 😉 I am here today not speaking just on behalf of myself; I’m here representing 1110 other parents, educators and taxpayers in […]

Living Simply So Others May Simply Live

I saw two minutes of an infomercial back in the day about installing copper tubing or plastic tubing for your automatic ice maker.   “If you don’t like that skunky taste your ice cubes might give off you can buy one of our in-line filters…”   My response is if you really don’t like the […]

Free CD — Last year’s entire 18 song Christmas record!

Hi all, Last year I engineered and mastered a Christmas record that I was quite happy with. I printed my own jewelcases, and mass produced hundreds of copies and passed them out to everyone I knew personally the weeks leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. I thought of doing the same thing this year; but […]

Blogging My Method For Daily Teeth Whitening

What I do is get the brush wet, pour a tiny bit of toothpaste on, flatten that with another splash of water then pour the tiniest bit of turmeric on the toothpaste itself. I start scrubbing the front of the teeth and by the time I move around my whole mouth is naturally salivated just […]

And now a note about John Boehner [Caveat: 1st I’ll say I don’t think much of Harry Reid either]

Boehner told Harry Reid to “Go F___ yourself” when Reid said he was behaving dictatorially. Somewhere back near 1998 Boehner walked right in and bumped me for a haircut and shave in the Rayburn building basement barber shop and I said to both him and the barber that I learned on grade school field trips […]

New London Board of Education meeting 28feb13 – rush transcript

Rush Transcript – by Marco Frucht. Original Notetaking by Tambria Moore New London Board of Education meeting at STMHS – Lecture Hall 7 p.m. Thursday Night, 28feb13. Each meeting airs live on Channel 22 Metrocast Marco Frucht Tambria Moore Board of education members include Ms. Margaret Mary (Peg) Curtin, Mrs. Delanna Muse, Mr. Jason […]

OPINION: Beyonce Knowles; Underachiever Of The Millenium

OK, Beyonce LipSync’d the National Anthem and she sang her medley of perishable non-memorable hits “LIVE.” Anyone hardly even know what LIVE means anymore??? Yes, she cranked up the mains and left her full-on backing track pumping loudly in her monitors so you mostly heard her, and faintly heard everything she prepared. She really could […]

New Movie Short About Police Corruption

THE BADGE: Chasing The Beast Produced by Marco Frucht Directed By Andrew W Proctor DP Alan Smithee Edited by Andrew W. Proctor Audio Boom/Mixer Marco Frucht Additional Boom and Audio / Wife Alexandria Hellwig Police Chief White  — Elle Hitman — Arnet Capt. Richard Douglass — Andrew W. Proctor Music by Marco Frucht – “Revelation […]