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Almost Famous – A Movie and a Musical and a Way to Be.

Marco Frucht pictured here with Cameron Crowe at Blue Gene’s Pub, National Theater Institute, Waterford, Conn. 18nov23 Corny joke alert: — So yesterday I met Cameron Crowe — Oh I know that name, what’s he famous for? — Almost Famous — Oh, what’s he almost famous for? One morning I was telling a 7th grade […]

I’m staying with Spotify, but here go some of my thoughts.

OK so while we’re having hot discussions about Spotify, let me say a few things this way:  If you refuse to listen to me over at Spotify (I totally understand by the way. They only pay me .003 of a penny each time you stream a song there, that’s nearly criminal) you can get my […]

ZOMBIE JAMBOREE: An Ethnomusicologist’s Reflection on that Frito-Lay Superbowl Thing Last Night.

We’ve come a long way from Paula Abdul’s choreography, and Janet Jackson’s for that matter; but where to? Ouch. I don’t think I like where we’ve gone to.  All women, men and children throughout the entire 14 minutes and 20 seconds looked 100% possessed. And you know what other-peoples’ world ethicities I have to compare […]

A quick reflection at the end of a great Longterm Sub assignment.

Ooh, very stressful but oh, so fulfilling. Over the past month and a half I took 4 core classes in 8th grade science from approximately 2/3’s failing to more than 80% passing across something almost resembling bell-shaped curves we used to come to know and love. They were a little heavy on the B’s and […]

POTUS SCHMOTUS: A Metaphorical Ending.

SIR ISAAC NEWT: A Fig For Ishmael’s Hate. by MF. Dedicated to Presidents Of The United States Of America I O new Hank eighth, I pity thee Ye who serveth wives three. One in Heaven, dead too young, Another Lovely Lady One. Third a Pope who you helped stuff, By robbing goat and billary gruff. […]

Why We Clash

Why We Clash by Marco Capelli   We clash you and me. First I thought because you are so different, you see. But then after all the dust cleared And the shrapnel was swept up into neat little tins And all our respective allies’ bodies were policed up by loved ones— Dogs and crows and […]

A SATISFIED MIND: Blogging My Fretboard Logic

by Marco Frucht I must say, of all the lead guitar solos I’ve ever recorded for myself or anyone else, there isn’t one I’m truly satisfied with. I listen back and cringe a little bit usually. None are flawless. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t have to be flawless for me to keep from cringing, […]

Sometimes You War; Sometimes You Dialogue; Sometimes You Do Both.

“Sometimes it’s a good day to die, sometimes it’s a good day to have breakfast.” — Thomas Builds-the-Fire College teacher Julie Jennings conveys the following breaking news: “The 3-20-10 Providence Protest has sparked a dialogue with the game’s publisher. The game-maker is starting to consider Native pre-testing of the game. Julie Jennings would like the […]

Ted Kennedy. Posthumous Letter To President Obama

Senator Ted Kennedy’s Posthumous Letter to President Obama

… … … … … … … … U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009) … … … … … … …