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Asking Governor’s Promise He’ll Represent People Who Pay At The Pump

This afternoon I gave our governor some data and asked him to do a favor similar to what Sam Gejdenson pulled off back when I was about 17 years old. He had managed to catch lots of gas gouging that caused southeastern CT to be the lowest wages and highest gas prices. Prices went down […]

Of How A Teacher Intervened And Got Me Into College – True Story

I was getting straight A’s in Language Arts going into my Junior Year. Yet my verbal SAT score was 150 points lower than my math/science! I wasn’t getting into UConn or other good schools with such low scores. Crying, I asked my English teacher what could be wrong. He handed me a 1-page document similar […]

Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes

Pat Richardson Video: Transcribed by Marco Frucht Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes I typed this in so that people can make direct quotes if they’d like. I sure would. 😉 I am here today not speaking just on behalf of myself; I’m here representing 1110 other parents, educators and taxpayers in […]

And now a note about John Boehner [Caveat: 1st I’ll say I don’t think much of Harry Reid either]

Boehner told Harry Reid to “Go F___ yourself” when Reid said he was behaving dictatorially. Somewhere back near 1998 Boehner walked right in and bumped me for a haircut and shave in the Rayburn building basement barber shop and I said to both him and the barber that I learned on grade school field trips […]

New London Board of Education meeting 28feb13 – rush transcript

Rush Transcript – by Marco Frucht. Original Notetaking by Tambria Moore New London Board of Education meeting at STMHS – Lecture Hall 7 p.m. Thursday Night, 28feb13. Each meeting airs live on Channel 22 Metrocast Marco Frucht Tambria Moore Board of education members include Ms. Margaret Mary (Peg) Curtin, Mrs. Delanna Muse, Mr. Jason […]

OPINION: Beyonce Knowles; Underachiever Of The Millenium

OK, Beyonce LipSync’d the National Anthem and she sang her medley of perishable non-memorable hits “LIVE.” Anyone hardly even know what LIVE means anymore??? Yes, she cranked up the mains and left her full-on backing track pumping loudly in her monitors so you mostly heard her, and faintly heard everything she prepared. She really could […]

FLIM-FLAMMYS: reviewing this year’s Grammy/Naras Ceremony

FLIM-FLAMMYS: A Marco-Style Review of the Grammys.   12feb12. Mystic, Konetiuk! And now I’ll attempt to make all my snarky remarks over at FB and Twitter into one large post so I can delete all the one liners for good. Most of the words are mine, unless the little iKons show you otherwise. J 😉 […]

Blogging a Poem I Wrote That’s Disappearing From The Net

Untitled by Marc Frucht What profits a man Who has almost everything Yet still he must Steal from the poorQué beneficia a un hombre Que pudo tenerlo todo Pero él guarda el robar El más pobres del pobre [ref]=[] This was first published at Autumn Leaves which appears to be going away. Two more poems […]

Economic Analysis Of a MOST Macro Kind.

I saw the following astute and alert analysis on a friend’s Facebook page today and replied in kind. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with looking into the minimum wage in CT to see if it helps people get a job or somehow impairs them from getting a job in CT. It is worth […]

Who Remembers When G-d Supposedly Said He’d Strike Oral Roberts Dead??

Who remembers when Oral Roberts said he needed to raise a certain amount of millions or G-d was going to strike him dead? And Who remembers when he claimed he met G-d near a burning bush and was told he had a stay of execution and had until February instead to raise the last million […]