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POTUS SCHMOTUS: A Metaphorical Ending.

SIR ISAAC NEWT: A Fig For Ishmael’s Hate.
by MF.
Dedicated to Presidents Of The United States Of America

O new Hank eighth, I pity thee
Ye who serveth wives three.
One in Heaven, dead too young,
Another Lovely Lady One.
Third a Pope who you helped stuff,
By robbing goat and billary gruff.

So count your cash all you so skimmed
Three pouches full, you black sheep you;
Chucking scepter into lake of fire- son, so swim.

Swim, swim mariner — lest passing piranhas rip your flesh
Look starboard. See Orion’s belt; hides nothing
Yet vexing, churning: you’re ripe for gulfs to wash.

Hank Hate, O you moved heaven and earth
Have your way you miscreant — for you —
A murky mire, lake of fire, craggy barren hearth.

So stuff your pockets lawless one
Matthias, Jason’s lizard son.

Still whore and rob and symonize
Whilst our welfare slips past your eyes;

All the turtlewax in the world,
Can never mask the freedom you have furled.


marco frucht

Pine Island, 1997