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Looking To History In Divining/Defining The Future

During the years 1783-86 Ledyard tried, on both sides of the Atlantic, to find an entrepreneur willing to finance him and provide him with a ship to reach the northwest coast. In the United States, however, from the end of the war on, the state of commercial affairs was becoming worse in the seaports. By […]

Open Letter To Mika Brzezinski

Enjoyed watching you check Rick Davis for making a “bad call.” (Attacking Obama on the Troops issue at the end of his trip.) Joe had to “hold you back.” That was fun. Here’s the deal. A couple of months ago I mentioned to Obama Girl and a bunch of my personal friends that we […]

Publishing Over At

I haven’t sent anything in to angryjourno in a long time. Perhaps because I haven’t been angry enough lately. Here’s what I submitted. Maybe they’ll keep it, maybe they won’t. It cuts deeper than many of us want to feel really… Why does CSJ (ChristopherColumbus School Of Journalism still carry the most power toward Pulitzers […]

CBS Failing At MindControlling Each Of Us.

Two important things we should never forget about Janet Jackson’s “accidental” wardrobe malfunction. 1) Justin Timberlake singing “I’ll have you naked by the end of this song” 2) Companion cable channel’s simulcast of a full contact bikini-clad touch football game where someone almost lost her bottom at the same exact time as Janet’s nipple slip. […]

So The Other Day I Was A Turnstile Jumper

I jumped turnstiles the other day. First time since my teen years. It was 9july. My card expires the 10th. So it still should be good. Nope. Coded wrong or something. MBTA authorities just kept scanning me through but none of them were willing to fix my card for me. One of the times I […]

Newest Ultimate G33k t0y

The ultimate g33k t0y or what??? A portable wireless access point. Yup. Give yourself a second device off of your own evdo: and then share with two or three other peeps. Nice. We took it for a spin with this nokia and my Dell notebook and it seems to give somewhere between DSL and high […]

War, Inc. Reviewing the reviewers.

War, Inc. Reviewing the reviewers. Corporate media is not going to handle John and Joan Cusack’s film, War, Inc., very well for a few reasons. 1) Don’t know how to review satire 2) What to make of a movie that makes fun of THEM 3) Pressure from corporate structure above for reviewers to pan such […]

Go See War, Inc.

If you are anywhere that War Inc is playing I urge you to see it. If not, then perhaps get involved in the “leg work” toward helping it grow in grassroots fashion. You see, John and Joan Cusack had picked satire for its genre, and thought surely it would reach a very large audience and […]