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New London’s 5th Annual Youth Talent Show Is Going To Be Sooooo Awesome!

This just in from The New London Youth Talent Show ***BREAKING NEWS*** The results are in. Thank you all! It was tough, but the search is over. We are excited for this year and promise an EPIC showcase! Be sure to tell your friends and family! Bring joy this Holiday season. Tickets go on sale […]

CEREMONY: NAMA15 Realtime Hilites From the ATIZINE LiveTweet.

    CEREMONY: Donating Some More Journalism Skills to the Native American Music Awards By marco capelli frucht [inline] [/inline]   So here’s my reverse chronology rundown of the Nammys last night. Their 15th annual.  There were a couple glitches at the beginning of the show from the webstream’s point of view but overall it went […]

JOURNAL POEM 24 – Poems For Roberta Blackgoat

Cappuccino. Monkey and Bull make meal of Pomegranite, potatoes, pineapple & peppers. LL Zamenhof worked Pepsi’s graveyard Shift til the day he died. Poetic. Death not for lack of irony. For growing calamity, asks Esperanza, Does one need fertilizer? Removes tongue from cheek. 1477. Chris visits Iceland inquiring As a wannabe Portugese picking up Waterfront […]

Little Boxes – Remembering Pete Seeger

Little Boxes – Malvina Reynolds The first time I saw Pete Seeger perform this livewas in Providence Rhode Island. He was doing a tributeto Malvina Reynolds who he credited for his first hit single. It was an evening of folk music that was a who’s who of “Pete Seeger & Friends.” Each did a song or two […]

ANNOTATIONS: Marc Frucht’s American Songbag.

Here goes some “explication” about the two newest recordings I’ve mastered and edited up. Enjoy. Recorded live from the soundboard at a Bonfire in Groton, CT. I noticed while I was organizing these tunes that it kind of serves as the best kind of ethnomusicology lesson you could ever receive for free. Pro Bono, my […]

Free CD — Last year’s entire 18 song Christmas record!

Hi all, Last year I engineered and mastered a Christmas record that I was quite happy with. I printed my own jewelcases, and mass produced hundreds of copies and passed them out to everyone I knew personally the weeks leading up to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. I thought of doing the same thing this year; but […]

And now a note about John Boehner [Caveat: 1st I’ll say I don’t think much of Harry Reid either]

Boehner told Harry Reid to “Go F___ yourself” when Reid said he was behaving dictatorially. Somewhere back near 1998 Boehner walked right in and bumped me for a haircut and shave in the Rayburn building basement barber shop and I said to both him and the barber that I learned on grade school field trips […]

Why Seek An Inventive Mind? YOU have one! Part 2

Who remembers that kick I was on to use less than-a-dollar  reinventing overpriced things such as the 29.99  ipod/cellfone charger wallsocket holder out of a piece of cereal box cardboard? Or the 16$ iPod sock made out of an actual used sock from just needle, thread and scissors!   Well it’s refreshing to know […]

OPINION: Beyonce Knowles; Underachiever Of The Millenium

OK, Beyonce LipSync’d the National Anthem and she sang her medley of perishable non-memorable hits “LIVE.” Anyone hardly even know what LIVE means anymore??? Yes, she cranked up the mains and left her full-on backing track pumping loudly in her monitors so you mostly heard her, and faintly heard everything she prepared. She really could […]

Django Unchained Is Navajo Joe; Just Like Inglourious…

Earlier I did a compare and contrast between Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” and one of his favorite Spaghetti Westerns ever,  “Navajo Joe.” Title: ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Was ‘Navajo Joe??’ Well here I’ll do the same, essentially some raw notes after seeing ‘Django’ (the d is silent) twice and then sitting myself down and watching Navajo Joe again. Navajo Joe […]