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Hungry Henry Have Not. A Very Old Poem

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Have You Hugged Your Havenot Today?
The haves drive BMWs – Haves wear Reebox
Have nots drive push brooms
Have nots look like retreads
with their torn up
muddy disgusting Pro Keds
The haves have central
heating and hot and cold
running water in every room
Have Nots have no heat.
And the only running water now
Dribbles across the plywood
Shanties that have been flattened
Out by the borgouisey bulldozers
Haves have someone
Park their car while
They ascend the sidewalk to their state
Windowside meeting room
Havenots stretch gladbag leantos against
Park benches next to sidewalks.
Half their tent is a window
Haves drive off to the inner city
To look at blacker people and
Guatemalan refugees.
They smile and offer their Beamer
saying, “Let’s go see how the other half “lives.”
Have nots don’t have to go anywhere.
They just poke their heads out the leanto
And watch the Honorable Harry Have,
Walking up the sidewalk to his whispering
Windowside committee room.
Harry Have happens to have
So much compassion, he’s
Head of a commissioned meeting
Discussing what to do
With all these hopeless homeless
Have Nots.
Hungry Henry Havenot
Was about to use the donation
Whoopie Goldberg gave him from
Comic Relief.
Enforcement agents sort of
Misplaced the money when they
Violently locked up
Hungry Henry Havenot
For Loitering.
Harry Have comes from a long history of Haves.
Aristocrats from
Waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back.
Hungry Henry Havenot’s mom had him when she was 12.
She left him somewhere near the beach,
And couldn’t find him.
Her mom was a child abuser
And her mom was too.
And so was her mom.
Sounds like a terrible problem those
Russians are having, huh?
I’m pretty sure I was talking about here.

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