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Why Seek An Inventive Mind? YOU have one!

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Pssst! They really DO want you to think it’s THAT hard.

Have you ever seen an invention go across the screen, or across your own reality set and you very quickly inquired how much and it was like 30bucks and you go, “you’ve got to be kidding me, I can make one out of walking right up to my garbage can, fishing something out, folding a little, tearing it up a bit with my swiss army knife and then using it!”

Then do it! Don’t be shy.

See what I mean???


I’m serious. And this is just one of many. I do this kind of thing at least twice a day. I probably think about doing 10 other things just like that which I don’t have the follow through and drive to finish. I figure in just five years I’ve saved myself about ninetythousand dollars by just taking things out of my own garbage can and inventing something. If I had followed through on all the others rather than go to to the Mal-Wart or Abercrumble and Pitch I might have saved myself a whopping one point five million dollars!!!

Let’s say the average device is 30 bucks. I believe that’s low. But my inventions are even lower; we’re talking 0! So each time it’s a savings of almost 100% before you factor labor and smarts, eh? But I digress. This cute plastic ipod holder is just 9 bucks, but that’s extremely low even before you start getting into serious hardware and software, right? So yeah, I’ve easily saved 60bucks before making something out of cardboard, and old screendoor or a mountainbike tire I just replaced, etc. So let’s say 29.99 for the average.
29.99 x 365 x 5 = 59110.29 if you count sales tax and not shipping and handling.
60 thousand dollars, people, in 5 years!
And had I followed through on 12 inventions a day instead of 2??? Ay yay yay!

59110.29 x 6 = 354661.74

OK, so my 1.5 mil estimate before math was high, but not too far off, huh? That’s not small peanuts.

So here’s my advice. It’s not a new idea. Stop working so hard in life. Work smart! I’m serious. Think about it. And then do it. You can. Every aspect of your life.

PC users, there’s an icon on your start menu that’s a DOS prompt. Did you know you can write programs in there?

If you’re not happy with how an application works, read up on how it was created and then teach yourself how to build a better one. I’m telling you. We’ve forgotten we’re human!!!

Now, where’s that little green Geiko Geklo? I have to strangle him with used dental floss before sunset.



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