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Journal Poem 23 – Dedicated To Roberta Blackgoat



Does anger have taste?
Car's down 'til roads clear.
December the freezin' season.
2-8 a.m. only good times to drive;
Least bit of thaw slides you
Big Mountain, thrown off a horse;
Hauling water & hay for the elders.
Fixing hay shack, chopping wood.
VW microbus' 1st gear freezes stuck.
'Til 10am or so. (so cold & dry.)
Jan. 7, 1992. 9am. Lamb born to
The sheep who looks like Don King.
Denny makes coffee for wider eyes;
And 85th monkey follows the wind
Pondering the 4 directions. Red,
White, yellow and black; Nevada,
Mexico City, Washington, or Spain.
James buys Edensoy in Winslow's
Art Colony Fish Hatchery Homeless
Veterans Shelter. Vanilla's good;
Original's not. Run cooperatively
Sells bikes and skateboards too.
Customary cleaning woodstove each
Sunrise. Ash is for the outhouses
Always keep hot water on in case
Company comes. And the door key
Hangs from lower branch of a tree.
What's yellow, black and white?
Headache and much noise. "Don't herd
The sheep near the uranium wash,"
Auntie says, "makes them act wild."
Well, you would too if you had those
Told my guardian angels are spiders,
Whales, porcupines, buffalo, crows,
Badgers, turtles, bats & dolphins.
Roasted pinons; like chestnuts the
Size of roasted coffee beans.

“Nova” means food in Hopi.
“O” is yes in Navajo. “Ba” is bread.
Go figure.
So what’s red, white, yellow and black?
Pomegranite in a wash full of


Previously published in a $5 Chapbook entitled "I Slurp My Coffee." 

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