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Army, the only place I know
Where ladies room's nothing
More than a men's room with
The urinals duct-taped shut.
Cedar wood and mud warm and
Cozy... toasty dry despite
Winter under and above clay.
How do you reclaim a uranium
Mine?!? City park? Golf -
Course?? Sod farm???
Coffee and a warm sweetroll
At Tuba City Truck Stop.

If your herb garden grows
Slow and late it's a thyme delay.
Did you know that "wonton"
Spelled backwards is "not now?"
What d'ya call a whatchamacallit
Shop? Just that.
Last All-Hallows-Eve the baby
Sitter went as a leather  mouse
What're you?? I'm a mud bog.
Or was that a ground hog?
Tse Bonito and Window Rock...
Ancient tourist traps...
Oraibi... the oldest...
Taos, Tuscon, or Taylor...
Which is trendier?
Electric cello: like Woodie Guthrie
Walking into Karaoke nite at Lulu's
Luscious Locust, 14th and Ave. X.
C&W music in a major way...
Conway Twitty's where I get
Off this ride. & change channels.

6-Foot Wedgie plays a gig at
The Russian Lady restaurant.
Que concept... like cranberry nut
Frybread. Paul Harvey is like the
Faded fotocopy of Will Rogers.

Woke up with either pigsnot and
Venom, vim and vinegar or Just
A whole bunch of vigorous
Vitality. Or was it just the
Vidal Sassoon???
Homemade blood sausage. Takes guts
To eat. Taste good, like a tender
Spinach leaf. I'd try anything
Once... that was my once, like a
Sliced intestine full of leftovers.
If squash is 1 of the 3 sisters,
She must be the short one.

Bacitracin can't compete w/ pinon pine sap.

And JC Penier, clothier to the
Mallrat knows nothing of KMarticus,
The bluelight king of Upholstry;
Neither knows thing of braintanning.

So Navajo Nation’s only radio station
Plays hit kicking country. Western.
You know you need a bath when
The sheep won’t let you in the pen
If even 2 let them out.



Previously published in a $5 Chapbook entitled "I Slurp My Coffee." 

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