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No way, Shira Lazar Interviewed the new Energy Secretary???

1:47 AM Carter Fort – Whew. What a day. Over 30,000 people watched our Internet broadcast, and we had a blast doing it. Keep an ear out for the next project from our team. You won’t be able to miss us.

LINK-Live did an “on location” at the Corcoran center in DC last night where hundreds of us were able to chat and watch video of Shira Lazar hosting the video portion of a live inaugural Gala.

There was a jazz band, dancers, guests galore and the techy crew even turned the camera on themselves once in a while to let you in on just what was going on with them, live and personal.

The neat thing taking it far beyond “web 2.0” was that while she interviewed someone she would often glance over at her Mac Laptop and then back at her guest. What was she doing you ask? Looking over our chatroom to see if any of us had a decent question she could ask our guess for us. Yes, she was facilitating and we were all watching her interview but unlike in TVlandia, we weren’t passive, we were active participants. Not just voting in polls. We were typing in actual questions. Talk about getting chances to feel heard.

Take note of that, Mr. Obama.

And speaking of Obama, the final guest Shira got to interview was Dr. Stephen Chu, Obama’s choice for Secretary of Energy. I queried if he could be asked that with all the alternatives available now, could he consider pulling completely out of the Black Mesa area for uranium mining from now on, but they ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to ask that one for me. Quite a few of my other questions got asked though, that was neat.

She was also able to interview venture capitalists and activists alike discussing everything from Ruby on Rails to White Boards, bandwidth to

Shira’s blog about the event:

She twitters about interviewing Obama’s brand new Energy Secretary

Of course she ends her “tweet” with “I feel like” and twitter cuts her off right there at the 140 character mark. Leave us hanging why don’t you. What DO you feel like??

And Youtube:

And here’s a trackback:

I’m in the Link Live Audience in D.C. It’s amazing to see all this incredible technology in action. Millenials rock!

Comment by Jason Pollock — January 20, 2009 @ 4:09 pm