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Donating TAB of John Mayer’s Presentation During Michael Jackson’s Funeral

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Here’s TAB of John Mayer’s version to Human Nature which he played
at Michael Jackson’s funeral. I began from GypsyFire’s work on his
intro and then added some of the soloing that Mayer does throughout.
( He repeats many licks for emphasis,
which I don’t notate each time. I mostly put each new phrase “in order
of appearance.”
If you can open two windows on a large enough computer monitor
(or maybe print the TAB out the old fashioned way and set it in front
of you) I recommend playing the video and watching both the video and
the TAB. If a lick is stumping you, go back a line or two and play a
bunch of phrases in a row and I bet you’ll find it again quickly.




“this is the beginning of mayers version today. its not exact i took some of his
stuff and added some of my own. use your thumb on the low E string i find it the
easiest to get those low notes and keep the chord. you can play along to this tab
on my profile i uploaded the mp3 so you can practice…the rhythm is pretty free”

— GypsyFire

Bluff Point Today

Bluff Point Today

:52 secs or so
(where orchestra 1st comes in full)

1:42                            Does He Do                   Does He Do
Me That Way                     Me That Way


(*from a fullstep bend)
[Gets a pick]3:06

(*The release FROM a bend is trademark Mayer and he’ll use something similar
at the ending to get what I call that teardrop tone.)

By the way, that’s a good observation GypsyFire makes about the thumb on the
low E. Mayer pretty much holds to traditional classical guitar style in finger
picking, where you use your thumb (P, from PIMA) for the bottom three strings.
And then your index, middle and ring fingers get one string each. But don’t
try to fixate on that part too much. Play whatever comes natural and there’s
a very good chance you’ll fall into something very close to what he’s already

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