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Who Remembers When G-d Supposedly Said He’d Strike Oral Roberts Dead??

Who remembers when Oral Roberts said he needed to raise a certain amount of millions or G-d was going to strike him dead?

And Who remembers when he claimed he met G-d near a burning bush and was told he had a stay of execution and had until February instead to raise the last million or two that he was short.

I am not bringing this up just to run a dirty old rotten scoundrel through the mud even more immediately after he actually died.

Mostly I’m bringing it up because you might have forgotten.

I will never judge him, and since I didn’t even send him 35 cents, it was easy to forgive him; but I will never forget.

And I aim to make sure you don’t either.

Surely the most famous of all the Lord’s speaking to Charismatics is the famous, “Oral Roberts Death Threat Prophecy” a preposterous and fabricated supposed “Word from the Lord.” Roberts told his nationwide audience in 1987 that God had threatened to call him home if he couldn’t raise 8 million dollars by his creditor’s deadline. Whether or how that threat might have been carried out the world will never know because Roberts received a last minute reprieve in the form of a large check from a Florida dog track owner, as you remember. Two years later when Roberts was forced to close his massive, multi-million dollar City of Faith Medical Center anyway, in spite of the 8 million dollars, he asked God, “Why?” And Oral Roberts said God spoke to him and God said,

“I had you build the City of Faith large enough to capture the imagination of the entire world, about the merging of My healing streams of Prayer and Medicine. I did not want this revelation localized in Tulsa, however, and the time has come when I want this concept of merging My healing streams to be known to all people and to go into all future generations.” So said God. Roberts said, “It is clearly in my spirit, as I have ever heard Him, the Lord gave me an impression, ‘You and your partners have merged prayer and medicine for the entire world, for the Church World and for all generations.’ And then He said, ‘It is done.’ And then I asked, ‘Is that why after eight years you are having us close the hospital and after eleven years the medical school?’ And God said, ‘Yes, the mission has been accomplished in the same way that after three years of public ministry, my Son said on the cross, Father, it is finished!'”

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