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SOA Watch Austin Sponsors Song / Poetry Writing Contest

Pete Seeger called SOA Watch “the singingest movement in the USA”

In that spirit we are sponsoring a song / poetry writing contest. For information about the SOA, SOA Watch and prisoners of conscience see or for information about local SOAW Austin POC see You can also check out The Father Roy Waffle House SOA Protest Song Part 1 of 2 and The Father Roy Waffle House SOA Protest Song Part 2 of 2 on You Tube for a musical history of the SOA, SOA Watch and POC’s. The songs and poems will be sent to SOA Watch prisoners of conscience for their enjoyment while doing their prison witness. The winner will receive $300.00 and will be determined by a vote of SOA Watch supporters. There will be a “coming home” party for the POC’s so there will be opportunities to perform songs and read the poems. Deadline for submissions is the release date. That date depends upon the Bureau of Prisons since they set the “report date”. That date is at least six months from 2/8/2010 and could be several weeks later depending on the BOP. To submit a songs or poem send a CD to SOA Watch Austin, 500 E Riverside Dr #258, Austin, TX 78704 or email a link to an mp3 to Lyrics or poems may also be submitted as plain text to the same address.