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Humbled by my friend Aaron and so many others!

My friend Aaron saw me in a Starbucks the other day and said “I really love your ‘Frybread’ song.” I blushed and said thanks. “No, you don’t know. I mean I really really love it. My girlfriend loves it, the kids love it, we play it in the car constantly.” I’m so grateful he loves it, and I’m also quite happy that these lyrics are being sung along to. That means the world to me.

Congrats on your submission this year! Good music!

— Jan Michael Reibach

This song brings me back to my grandmothers cooking..YUMMY. Thanks Marco and God bless.

— Silver Starr Sargent

I’ll always remember frybread.. (and the versions of Sean singing it while we were married omg) lol and the kids LOVE the song I hope it gets you that nammy… you really deserve it!!

— Charlene Mills

This post is essentially an extention of the earlier one down there:

So much is happening so swiftly in my life, I need to figure out on the fly how to combine these two into one post. 😉