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Woah, I Guess “Frybread’s” Gonna Get Out There and Impact So Many People!

The other day I saw a friend in a coffee shop and related a moment when I went out in the hallway as a substitute teacher and a schoolkid yelled “mr marco,” smiled and waved and then began singing slightly altered lyrics to my song “frybread,” something like “nana… nana… make me some frybread, make me some frybread, nana make frybread…  but s/he did it in key and right on to the rhythm and tempo.

He immediately called his toddler who’s the one you can hear offstage in my music video because of her fisherprice fone-on-wheels. He wanted to ask her while I was there what her favorite song was. He said there was too good of a chance she’ll say it’s “Frybread” because he’s heard her sing it all the time. Well she listed two songs as her all-time favorites. Uncle Kracker’s “Smile” and my “Frybread.”

I’m grateful, thankful, embarrassed, awkward, humbled, and elated each and every time someone responds like this to my humble little 3-chord song written in C with the simplest most honest lyrics about a relationship between a 4-year-old Navajo girl and her great grandmother. I really don’t know how to express all those feelings in words really.

I did want to mention this though as a follow-up to that first story I’ve been relating all week because this kind of stuff just keeps happening.

Here’s the post I’d put up about that earlier event:
OK nothing more thrilling this life than having someone about 3 feet tall who you haven’t seen in more than a month recognize you in the hallway, wave say hi and smilingly, sing a couple lines from the chorus of a song you wrote!
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