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From a Soldier To A Senator

OK, this is mostly an open letter to Senator McCain, but Lieberman and a few other menaces to society should listen up too. Dear Senator McCain, I’m addressing this to you but it’s for many others as well. As a veteran, I’m speaking soldier to soldier to you, but I’m also speaking soldier to civilian […]

“If An Agent Knocks” Updated & Re-released

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has reissued the pamphlet “If an Agent Knocks” – a document written for activists likely to be targeted by the FBI. For the first time in over a decade, this classic “know your rights” pamphlet has been updated with the most timely and relevant information available. I advise all […]

Small Brained Politics.

OK, healthcare discourse on Capitol Hill has left the realm of feisty and sailing into contentious, meanspirited, nasty and simple bad form. While President Obama was addressing Congress, Senator Joe Wilson threw a tantrum that I thought was hurtful and actually demeaning to the wider base of his own party. Honestly, his outburst there hurt […]

RELEASED: Issue 532 of Zine. (No Embargo)

atizine RELEASED: Issue 532 of Zine. (No Embargo)…less than 5 seconds ago from web