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Category Archives: Poetics

Music Hits All 9 of Howard Gardner’s Intelligences?

So this one’s for Cathy McGriff: Just How Does Music Hit All 8 of the Other Gardner Intelligences? 1. Naturalist: sensitivity to natural world features. 3. Logical-Mathematical: 32nd? 64th? 128th note. Think about the 8-bit computer chip! 4. Existential: Why are we… how’d we get here? Synthesizing idioms, metaphor, myth. 5. Interpersonal: Plays well with […]

JOURNAL POEM 24 – Poems For Roberta Blackgoat

Cappuccino. Monkey and Bull make meal of Pomegranite, potatoes, pineapple & peppers. LL Zamenhof worked Pepsi’s graveyard Shift til the day he died. Poetic. Death not for lack of irony. For growing calamity, asks Esperanza, Does one need fertilizer? Removes tongue from cheek. 1477. Chris visits Iceland inquiring As a wannabe Portugese picking up Waterfront […]

A Parodic Poem based on Joseph Brodsky’s “Odysseus to Telemachus”

My dear Telemachus, The Trojan War is over now; I don’t recall who won it. The Greeks, no doubt, for only they would leave so many dead so far from their own homeland. But still, my homeward way has proved too long. While we were wasting time there, old Poseidon, it almost seems, stretched and […]

Blogging a Poem I Wrote That’s Disappearing From The Net

Untitled by Marc Frucht What profits a man Who has almost everything Yet still he must Steal from the poorQué beneficia a un hombre Que pudo tenerlo todo Pero él guarda el robar El más pobres del pobre [ref]=[] This was first published at Autumn Leaves which appears to be going away. Two more poems […]

SOA Watch Austin Sponsors Song / Poetry Writing Contest

Pete Seeger called SOA Watch “the singingest movement in the USA” In that spirit we are sponsoring a song / poetry writing contest. For information about the SOA, SOA Watch and prisoners of conscience see or for information about local SOAW Austin POC see You can also check out The Father Roy Waffle […]

Journal Poem 23 – Dedicated To Roberta Blackgoat

JOURNAL POEM 23 Pomegranite. Does anger have taste? Car’s down ’til roads clear. December the freezin’ season. 2-8 a.m. only good times to drive; Least bit of thaw slides you Off-road. Big Mountain, thrown off a horse; Hauling water & hay for the elders. Fixing hay shack, chopping wood. VW microbus’ 1st gear freezes stuck. […]