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Music Hits All 9 of Howard Gardner’s Intelligences?

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So this one’s for Cathy McGriff:

Just How Does Music Hit All 8 of the Other Gardner Intelligences?

1. Naturalist: sensitivity to natural world features.
3. Logical-Mathematical: 32nd? 64th? 128th note. Think about the 8-bit computer chip!
4. Existential: Why are we… how’d we get here? Synthesizing idioms, metaphor, myth.
5. Interpersonal: Plays well with others. We be jammin!
6. Bodily-Kinesthetic: Fretboard logic, sound holes, air, pitch, breath.
7. Linguistic: Applying complex nuance, entendre, evaluating the inferred.
8. Intra-personal: Compare/Contrast self to others, community actualized.
9. Spatial: Analyzing time/space, abstract and concrete. Reasoning on the fly.


JOURNAL POEM 24 – Poems For Roberta Blackgoat

Monkey and Bull make meal of
Pomegranite, potatoes, pineapple & peppers.
LL Zamenhof worked Pepsi's graveyard
Shift til the day he died. Poetic.
Death not for lack of irony.
For growing calamity, asks Esperanza,
Does one need fertilizer?
Removes tongue from cheek.
1477. Chris visits Iceland inquiring
As a wannabe Portugese picking up
Waterfront gossip of "the NewFound Lands."
Looks like Lawnmower Man on valium.
Vacation - Grape Cod. Dwelling on payola,
Punkrock, and plasma in Adobe Abode.
Hystorically, a bladder bag full of bull.
Mother Earth, you are beaux, bela, belle,
Beautiful - Where's Dr. Esperanto
When you NEED him??

Peabody Coal purchases Cavenham
Forest for a copper penny.
Mrs. Farthing leaves a pie on her porch for
The plutonium miners. Make mine a strip so
Spineless as a Portugese Man O'War, now if
That ain't the scumm calling the scummsucker scummy.
Sage tea makes sore throat to merely a wet
Groggy flemmy thing; yet Dire Wolf offers
12-page thesis on Yak semen.
Can God hear you in a Hindu Ashram?
"Yes," yells Yayo. She's 12 and SMARTER than you.
Fiesta. Laguna March 19, 1992
They say you'll be led by children.

Haiku: Zuni Moisture Dance
 Mudhead Kachinas - Laura,
   Yayo, HasKey Tso.

Sweatlodge. Madrid, NM
2 FAS children flying a kite.
Filthy fake fony false hair follicles
Now fact thanks to Rogaine.
Or was that Reagan??
Nancy's war-on-drugs:
Rhymes with moron thugs.

Open Mike is playing at the Chez What Cafe.
Who IS this Open Mike?
Just some honest Joe?
Stench fries and fillet of potatoes at
The Full Spoon Cafe.

And Bo Diddley's cook wears wine-red
Dingos pouring sherry in Mrs. Farthing's Chowder.
Pampa, TX. Letting go of Police Brutality -
Release, relax, relief.
2:30 a.m. Katy reads poetry for tips at the
Omaha Greyhound.
Makes 2-bucks on "Bernalilo Blues."
Mytho-philosophical street poems.
How do they make coffee in Nowata?
Strong - same as Coffeeville.
Trivia question: who's face on $5

      Thomas Jefferson or Johnny Cash?

Movado watch with moon minute hand,
I straddle the corner of Florence
& Normandy contemplating cops.
A house full of cat-tails never falls;

And Medina pours Mecca a 20 oz. cup of
Mocha java.

Previously published in a $5 Chapbook entitled "I Slurp My Coffee." 

Currently released as an album at:
And you can get the whole album as a printable .zip file at:


A Parodic Poem based on Joseph Brodsky’s “Odysseus to Telemachus”

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My dear Telemachus,
The Trojan War
is over now; I don’t recall who won it.
The Greeks, no doubt, for only they would leave
so many dead so far from their own homeland.
But still, my homeward way has proved too long.
While we were wasting time there, old Poseidon,
it almost seems, stretched and extended space.

I don’t know where I am or what this place
can be. It would appear some filthy island,
with bushes, clintons, and great grunting pigs.
A garden choked with weeds; some queen or other.
Grass and huge stones . . . Telemachus, my son!
To a wanderer the faces of all islands
resemble one another. And the mind
trips, numbering waves; eyes, sore from sea horizons,
run; and the flesh of water stuffs the ears.
I can’t remember how the war came out;
even how old you are–I can’t remember.

Grow up, then, my Telemachus, grow strong.
Only the gods know if we’ll see each other
again. You’ve long since ceased to be that babe
before whom I reined in the plowing bullocks.
Had it not been for Palamedes’ trick
we two would still be living in one household.
But maybe grampa was right; away from me
you are quite safe from all Oedipal passions,
and your dreams, my Telemachus, are blameless.
– See more at:


Laertes is Richard Milhous Nixxon and through Odysseus he sends this message to Telemachus who is Barack Obama.


Blogging a Poem I Wrote That’s Disappearing From The Net

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by Marc Frucht

What profits a man
Who has almost everything
Yet still he must
Steal from the poorQué beneficia a un hombre
Que pudo tenerlo todo
Pero él guarda el robar
El más pobres del pobre


This was first published at Autumn Leaves which appears to be going away.

Two more poems archived at the following URLs:



SOA Watch Austin Sponsors Song / Poetry Writing Contest

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Pete Seeger called SOA Watch “the singingest movement in the USA”

In that spirit we are sponsoring a song / poetry writing contest. For information about the SOA, SOA Watch and prisoners of conscience see or for information about local SOAW Austin POC see You can also check out The Father Roy Waffle House SOA Protest Song Part 1 of 2 and The Father Roy Waffle House SOA Protest Song Part 2 of 2 on You Tube for a musical history of the SOA, SOA Watch and POC’s. The songs and poems will be sent to SOA Watch prisoners of conscience for their enjoyment while doing their prison witness. The winner will receive $300.00 and will be determined by a vote of SOA Watch supporters. There will be a “coming home” party for the POC’s so there will be opportunities to perform songs and read the poems. Deadline for submissions is the release date. That date depends upon the Bureau of Prisons since they set the “report date”. That date is at least six months from 2/8/2010 and could be several weeks later depending on the BOP. To submit a songs or poem send a CD to SOA Watch Austin, 500 E Riverside Dr #258, Austin, TX 78704 or email a link to an mp3 to Lyrics or poems may also be submitted as plain text to the same address.


Journal Poem 23 – Dedicated To Roberta Blackgoat

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Does anger have taste?
Car's down 'til roads clear.
December the freezin' season.
2-8 a.m. only good times to drive;
Least bit of thaw slides you
Big Mountain, thrown off a horse;
Hauling water & hay for the elders.
Fixing hay shack, chopping wood.
VW microbus' 1st gear freezes stuck.
'Til 10am or so. (so cold & dry.)
Jan. 7, 1992. 9am. Lamb born to
The sheep who looks like Don King.
Denny makes coffee for wider eyes;
And 85th monkey follows the wind
Pondering the 4 directions. Red,
White, yellow and black; Nevada,
Mexico City, Washington, or Spain.
James buys Edensoy in Winslow's
Art Colony Fish Hatchery Homeless
Veterans Shelter. Vanilla's good;
Original's not. Run cooperatively
Sells bikes and skateboards too.
Customary cleaning woodstove each
Sunrise. Ash is for the outhouses
Always keep hot water on in case
Company comes. And the door key
Hangs from lower branch of a tree.
What's yellow, black and white?
Headache and much noise. "Don't herd
The sheep near the uranium wash,"
Auntie says, "makes them act wild."
Well, you would too if you had those
Told my guardian angels are spiders,
Whales, porcupines, buffalo, crows,
Badgers, turtles, bats & dolphins.
Roasted pinons; like chestnuts the
Size of roasted coffee beans.

“Nova” means food in Hopi.
“O” is yes in Navajo. “Ba” is bread.
Go figure.
So what’s red, white, yellow and black?
Pomegranite in a wash full of


Previously published in a $5 Chapbook entitled "I Slurp My Coffee." 

Currently released as an album at:
And you can get the whole album as a printable .zip file at:
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