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My Tweets and Retweets During The Inauguration

I thought archiving Twitter activity, (at least my end of it) would be historically helpful maybe. I’ll try to do this over at LiveJournal too. cheers, marco Shira Lazar interviewed the brand new Energy Secretary last night and hundreds of us helped her in realtime!… about 20 hours ago from web Thanks @nmhall for […]


Army, the only place I know Where ladies room’s nothing More than a men’s room with The urinals duct-taped shut. Cedar wood and mud warm and Cozy… toasty dry despite Winter under and above clay. How do you reclaim a uranium Mine?!? City park? Golf – Course?? Sod farm??? Coffee and a warm sweetroll At […]

Come To The Soa Protest

I haven’t maintained my site in a long while. It was feeling neglected. I’ll have to be more attentive as soon as my midterms are taken care of. Here’s a humble reprint of a portion of Holly Near’s blog about her time playing guitar and singing at the 2006 event. I think it speaks […]

Looking To History In Divining/Defining The Future

During the years 1783-86 Ledyard tried, on both sides of the Atlantic, to find an entrepreneur willing to finance him and provide him with a ship to reach the northwest coast. In the United States, however, from the end of the war on, the state of commercial affairs was becoming worse in the seaports. By […]

Frybread Power

Yay! Click the pic for some great topical stuff to do with The Bread! Mmmmm. Delicious Frybread. Sounds good.