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Army, the only place I know Where ladies room’s nothing More than a men’s room with The urinals duct-taped shut. Cedar wood and mud warm and Cozy… toasty dry despite Winter under and above clay. How do you reclaim a uranium Mine?!? City park? Golf – Course?? Sod farm??? Coffee and a warm sweetroll At […]

Come To The Soa Protest

I haven’t maintained my site in a long while. It was feeling neglected. I’ll have to be more attentive as soon as my midterms are taken care of. Here’s a humble reprint of a portion of Holly Near’s blog about her time playing guitar and singing at the 2006 event. I think it speaks […]

Looking To History In Divining/Defining The Future

During the years 1783-86 Ledyard tried, on both sides of the Atlantic, to find an entrepreneur willing to finance him and provide him with a ship to reach the northwest coast. In the United States, however, from the end of the war on, the state of commercial affairs was becoming worse in the seaports. By […]

Frybread Power

Yay! Click the pic for some great topical stuff to do with The Bread! Mmmmm. Delicious Frybread. Sounds good.