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Django Unchained Is Navajo Joe; Just Like Inglourious…

Earlier I did a compare and contrast between Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds” and one of his favorite Spaghetti Westerns ever,  “Navajo Joe.” Title: ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Was ‘Navajo Joe??’ Well here I’ll do the same, essentially some raw notes after seeing ‘Django’ (the d is silent) twice and then sitting myself down and watching Navajo Joe again. Navajo Joe […]

When Does A Usenet Reply Become An Essay:

When Does A Usenet Reply Become An Essay: (Another Accidental Guitar Lesson) by marco frucht You caught me. It was me all along. I invented tapping in the middle 1700’s when I was in Paris picking up chicks. There was something majikal about playing the guitar back then. You ended up with scores of wives. […]

Blogging A Trip To Milwaukee And Back

Here’s a copy/paste blog of my trip to Milwaukee and back for the ISMAs and the Indian Summer Music Festival. I played on the Potawatomi stage and the Miller Lite stage and had a blast!  So glad I went. Definitely one of the high points of my music career. Marco Frucht shared a link. September […]

just made it onto iTunes, hint, hint…

“Technology’s nice but if you don’t have a story, forget it.” —  Filmmaker Randy Ericksen “Technology is great, but the story is greater.” Ibid. “Everyone wants to save us, and help us, but no one wants to know us.” — 22 year old Lakota Songwriter and Producer Frank Waln who grew up at Rosebud. […]

A Roundup of S(h)orts

Here’s a roundup of shorts, er uh ground up sorts, um, I mean some wound up sports, or wait, I know, a Roundup of Sorts… My heartfelt version of Flatt and Scruggs’ “Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” (written by Charlie Monroe) in honor of the late Earl Scruggs. (January 6, 1924 – March 28, […]

FLIM-FLAMMYS: reviewing this year’s Grammy/Naras Ceremony

FLIM-FLAMMYS: A Marco-Style Review of the Grammys.   12feb12. Mystic, Konetiuk! And now I’ll attempt to make all my snarky remarks over at FB and Twitter into one large post so I can delete all the one liners for good. Most of the words are mine, unless the little iKons show you otherwise. J 😉 […]

So much time, and so little to do!

POETICALLY PARENTHETICAL: (Umm, Strike that, reverse it…) Looks like Ron Paul might win Iowa this time around. I have problems with Paul just as I do Obama but if he does take it, I know an awful lot of Democrats and Independents (and a huge amount of angry disenfranchised Veterans) who will flood the polls […]

mr rove, I know many mainstream (R)’s in this nation who dont appreciate your work.

Listen up, you stingy old self-appointed rhetorical guru, thinking you’re all that. Really. You’re just one bad Lee Atwater wannabe, really. Here’s my open letter to you. Mr. karl rove, You’ve been mic checked. For too long you’ve been given the bully pulpit of expensive ad campaigns, costly think tanks, moneyed secret interest and offshore […]

Transcribing The Revolution — Let’s never 4get Dorothy Day. Never 4get Abbie Hoffman

“People galore” are starting to quote Abbie Hoffman about Occupy Wall Street and its possible relationship alongside the “Arab Spring.” Of course the irony from when Yipsters dropped 50 hundred dollar bills on the stock exchange floor starting a riot, was not lost on many of us right? There’s even a youtube of an old […]

What people have been saying about my song “Frybread.”

I just want some frybread now!!! Congrats and awesome!!!! — Kim Bruso how can you be my nanna, if you won’t make me frybread?! — Joanne Stamp Packer Here’s what some are saying about my folksong named “FryBread.” Way to go Marco!!! — Charly Lowry We loved hearing it live last night Marco, good luck! […]