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What people have been saying about my song “Frybread.”

I just want some frybread now!!! Congrats and awesome!!!! — Kim Bruso how can you be my nanna, if you won’t make me frybread?! — Joanne Stamp Packer Here’s what some are saying about my folksong named “FryBread.” Way to go Marco!!! — Charly Lowry We loved hearing it live last night Marco, good luck! […]

My Quahog (Is Hoggin’ The Beach:) Lyrics to a song I should publish soon!

Lyrics to My Quahog (Is Hoggin’ The Beach) by marco capelli frucht Not copyrighted yet, so please (don’t) steal… My quahog is hoggin the beach… He’s eaten up every and each He eats all the snails and inhales the quails And even the sandcastles shovels and pails My quahog is hoggin the beach My quahog […]

The Making Of Wampum by Marc Frucht

The Making of Wampum Marc Frucht Anth 3451 Final Paper about Final Presentation. December, 2009 I chose to learn how difficult it is to make wampum beads by hand in an effort to understand why people who make contemporary wampum jewelry seldom also make wampum beads. It turns out that even the most skilled artisans […]

Poems, Schmoems…

Violence impacted to society; Embedded in life. No capo, slide, fuzz pedal or Delay – no fingerpicks or Teleprompter, just play. Eugene O’Neill wallops the skipper With words and rocks the boat, Frank Sinatra “does it [his] way” Rooted in divine inspiration, He claims. Apple falls on head and Turns lightbulb on jouncing Thought, slurping […]

Pepsi Cans & Peavey Amps. – by marco

Pepsi Cans & Peavey Amps. A poem by marco (and also the title poem of a brand new chap book…) Peanut Butter prohibited. Protein, fat. Meat is best, better than Butter. Better, not bitter. Meat, eat. Gnash-Gulash. Spinach. Yum. Spinach and peanut butter. Why cringe? Spinach and PB – PB & S. Peanut butter and […]

Sometimes You War; Sometimes You Dialogue; Sometimes You Do Both.

“Sometimes it’s a good day to die, sometimes it’s a good day to have breakfast.” — Thomas Builds-the-Fire College teacher Julie Jennings conveys the following breaking news: “The 3-20-10 Providence Protest has sparked a dialogue with the game’s publisher. The game-maker is starting to consider Native pre-testing of the game. Julie Jennings would like the […]

Who Remembers When G-d Supposedly Said He’d Strike Oral Roberts Dead??

Who remembers when Oral Roberts said he needed to raise a certain amount of millions or G-d was going to strike him dead? And Who remembers when he claimed he met G-d near a burning bush and was told he had a stay of execution and had until February instead to raise the last million […]

I am my brother’s keeper…

I *am* my brother’s keeper. Healthcare is neither a right NOR a privilege; rather it is simply something I should make sure everyone around me has access to. The “returns” and benefits of giving that out, comes back exponentially and immensely! yupper. Three Milwaukee hospitals own this massive flatbed truck with MRI/CAT/Airblower/CAD thing worth about […]

Fox pilot entitled ‘Glee’ a smash hit in realtime!!!

· Yay, I found one (count ’em 1) person who hated #glee : @miffthefox18 minutes ago from web · @ncmacasl sounds like fox is going to replay it a bunch of times all summer so I think you’re in luck. 🙂20 minutes ago from web in reply to ncmacasl · @DCDiva28 Oh yeah, terry gross. […]

A Comment And Some Linx.

Now that Pfizer’s safety measures contracted the dreaded flu, We’ll never be able to keep from calling it swine; Perhaps a common symptom no one noticed in the hullabaloo Would be coherence falling out of line. (7575 by the way. :)) H1N1 spread to Pfizer’s safety measures =    H1N1 spread to Pfizer despite safety measures […]