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What people have been saying about my song “Frybread.”

I just want some frybread now!!! Congrats and awesome!!!!

— Kim Bruso

how can you be my nanna, if you won’t make me frybread?!

— Joanne Stamp Packer

Here’s what some are saying about my folksong named “FryBread.”

Way to go Marco!!!

— Charly Lowry

We loved hearing it live last night Marco, good luck!

— Frank Nerkowski


— Carolyn Hester

“Fried bread Fried bread make me some Fried Bread. Good enough for us Yakama NDN’s to listen to.”

— Roy Dick

OMG. Frybread!!!! The song is quite endearing, Marco! I just did a search for the song on youtube and watched the video. Now I’m hungry!

— Maria Madole Bareiss

Hey, hey, Marco! I am very happy for you. Thanks for keeping the faith in fighting for justice.

— Paul Wozniak

“I gotta admit, all the while I was doing yardwork over the weekend, I found myself singing the chorus to frybread. In fact, it was weighing on my mind so much, that once I finished, I immediately went inside and taught it to myself on the piano”

— John Carta

killer, marco. this is great news.

— Chris Castle

Yeah, baby!!! I love to see my friends– esp. former students– achieve success. In part, that is a measure of satisfaction for me. In fact, I shall take full credit for your nomination… j.k.

— Denise Sweet

Right On Marco!!

— Ed Stasium

You’re 100% bad ass!!! Congrats, man.

— Ben Parent


— Juliette Tworsey

i love frybread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

— Supertorch9

Very COOL! Congrats!!!

— Rick Rumpel

sweet brother! good luck to ya!

— Daniel Rodriguez

Congratulations Marco! 馃檪 thats awesome!

— Michael Kickingbear Johnson


— Dennis Kinsey

Good for you Marco! You deserve to win! I’m voting for you.

— 脗聽Michael Bucher

Congratulations Nyro and Marco!

— Takako Yoshioka

Totally awesome. I am a Southern California Native myself. I wish you the best with the Nammy’s. Each and every year there is wonderful artists there.

— Ashton Haze

“I’d recommend you point your web browser at the following address: (check out the Fry Bread song) But then, what the hell do I know,…….. I’m just a sheepherder.”

— Bo Peep

Listen to this song here:

or search for it in your Spotify or iTunes account.

Also, I would just love it if you would consider going to the site soon and vote for this song and so many other positive and uplifting tunes. 馃槈



My Quahog (Is Hoggin’ The Beach:) Lyrics to a song I should publish soon!

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Lyrics to My Quahog (Is Hoggin’ The Beach)

by marco capelli frucht

Not copyrighted yet, so please (don’t) steal…

My quahog is hoggin the beach…

He’s eaten up every and each

He eats all the snails and inhales the quails

And even the sandcastles shovels and pails

My quahog is hoggin the beach

My quahog has eaten the trees

The bushes and all of the bees

The birds in the air and the crabs in your hair

And even the dogs are now empty of fleas

My quahog is hoggin the beach

My Quahog has eaten the shops

The ones witgh the moms and the pops

He didn’t stop there he bought walmart fair share

Even firmed up the rights to the breathable air

My quahog is hoggin the beach

[SPOKEN] This song in case you couldn’t tell is called

“My quahog is hoggin the beach”

My quahog has ate up the land

He never even needed a hand

All the farms and the shores and the 5 and dime stores

With quarries and worries and slurries and hurries

So listen to my story you must understand


My quahog is hoggin the beach

My quahog is now after you

He’s willing to start with your shoe

Next is your ankle and both of your knees

But after your soul will no longer be free

I hear he’s got eyes on a child or two

My quahog is hoggin the beach

[SPOKEN] I have a question for you: would you rather be chowder or stew

This is my quarrel with clams

They multiply faster than yams

They consume and consume

Until then they presume

And take flight for your room

Eating all your perfume

[SPOKEN] Like a Quahog will do: You know how they are

When he chases your shoe and consumes it like stew

As soon as he reaches the coast with the beaches

For any and eaches.

My quahog is hoggin, the…


2 good places to hear this song are:


And a good place to watch a homemade music video I did of it is:


The Making Of Wampum by Marc Frucht

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The Making of Wampum

Marc Frucht

Anth 3451

Final Paper about Final Presentation.

December, 2009

I chose to learn how difficult it is to make wampum beads by hand in an effort to understand why people who make contemporary wampum jewelry seldom also make wampum beads.

It turns out that even the most skilled artisans can only make one complete bead after about 20 minutes of difficult and dangerous work. Power tools do not cut this time down very much because for every minute you might gain in technology, you lose just as much, if not more to broken shells. If you see beads such as these (and they are not antique:)

there is a high likelihood they will be plastic, glass or wood, but not shell. To be honest, the last technological innovation that has helped streamline the construction of wampum beads was the steel drill. As I芒鈧劉d said before, if you try taking the next step and electrify that drill you must be very careful to use the slowest setting; still you must bear down ever so lightly or a shell will break unexpectedly, wasting all the time you芒鈧劉d put in making that bead.

After I got the hang of drilling my beads, I tried using a Dremel tool at its slowest setting and I never had good results no matter how I would change my technique. I芒鈧劉d get 2/3 of the way into a bead or so, and it would smash, or crack.

Quahogs that people work with traditionally are about 5 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide, with a very thick shell. It芒鈧劉s rare that you find quahog shells that large nowadays. After this project I learned that Quahogs are much smaller nowadays because just like Cod and Lobsters, they芒鈧劉ve been fished out the past couple hundred years. So the ones that are found in southern New England aren芒鈧劉t very large, and don芒鈧劉t have a very thick purple part. Often times you芒鈧劉re only able to make a bead that is short and narrow which wouldn芒鈧劉t be useful for too many other projects.

I did most of my breaking and cutting on the rocks at Avery Point芒鈧劉s shore in Groton, CT. Then I did most of the drilling and grinding on a picnic table in my back yard on the other side of Groton. Half way through the process on several beads, I learned that it芒鈧劉s best to do all of the work under the water because the dust that comes away from your product is toxic. Since my project was during early winter months, I didn芒鈧劉t have much choice so I kept a bowl of water near and dunked the pieces regularly, and took lots of breaks, but I wasn芒鈧劉t able to do all the work under the water.

I broke the first couple shells into pieces that were much too small. I found I was using a large stone and bearing down with all my might, when I didn芒鈧劉t need to. If you just tap lightly 2-3 times, they will break into something close to uniform rectangular pieces. Not ever piece is usable of course; but if you芒鈧劉re starting from a very large shell (all but one of my Quahog shells were too small to be honest) you芒鈧劉ll get 5 or 6 pieces that might become a bead with the traditional sizes of 8mm in length and 5mm in diameter or perhaps 7mm by 5mm.

There was a seagull who was watching me work for a very long time during one of my project sessions. You芒鈧劉ll see him or her in the video I presented.

In picking music for the soundtrack I decided I芒鈧劉d only use instrumental guitar and mostly old standards such as 芒鈧淪ummertime芒鈧劉 from Porgy and Bess, and 芒鈧淩ebel Rouser芒鈧劉 by Duane Eddy. I used the melody to 芒鈧淟imbo Rock芒鈧劉 trying to give motion to the segment where the bird was flying across the water, but I also noticed it worked well while s/he was walking around on the rocks as well.

I insisted on using guitars that I芒鈧劉ve adopted and reworked by hand to in an effort to match the energy of the project itself. So the two guitars I picked are a bamboo guitar that a friend gave me because he thought it was really ugly. After accepting it, I learned that it was handmade by a guy named Jun Reputana who is a famous luthier near Ceba Philippines. Instead of mother of pearl inlay, he uses shell that he finds on the shore where he lives. It turns out he walks up and down the beach until he芒鈧劉s found just the right shell to go along with the guitar he芒鈧劉s making!

The second guitar I picked was a ’74 Castilla Strat copy, I found in a Goodwill and had my friend Zack in Westerly, RI. do all the extra recondition that I芒鈧劉m not good at. That芒鈧劉s the one I used for the stereotypical NDN sounds that I began the video with as a somewhat comedic ice-breaker.

I’m told the word 芒鈧淨uahog芒鈧劉 comes from the Narraganset word Poquauhock and that the Algonquin word Wampumpeag is white shell. No one seems to know what meant purple or black shell; but I have a hunch it’s going to be something like Wampumpog or maybe Wampumpaug. I chose to not include all of that in my presentation because I didn芒鈧劉t want to include hunches. I芒鈧劉ll keep researching and hope I bump into those meanings as well.

I didn芒鈧劉t finish the final two beads I presented on. Some of why I stopped right there was that I was running out of time; but I also recognized that I had enough to present on at that point. And perhaps showing what I wasn芒鈧劉t able to complete has more meaning than if I had in fact come up with my original goal of four beads, two perfectly purple, and two wonderfully white. I managed to drill all the way through one shell and had begun smoothing the cylinder down a little bit more narrow, and I was almost all the way to the other side of the second one when I noticed since I was too close to one of the sides, I芒鈧劉ll have the problem as I narrow that one, that I芒鈧劉ll run out of fiber that can be taken down. So that one is most likely going to crack, leaving me with only the one nearly finished bead.

I never worked with any Atlantic Whelk, because I wasn芒鈧劉t able to find any from restaurants; and no one had a lead on who else I could ask. But I learned that whelk shells give the best texture for a snowy white bead to complement with the all purple ones. I can find whelk meat in Chinese groceries, but not the shell. I芒鈧劉d love to find out someday where it is they dispose of their shells.

Sources Cited:

Brennessel, Barbara. Good Tidings: The History and Ecology of Shellfish Farming in the Northeast. Lebanon: University Press of New England, 2008.


Lastly here are a couple shameless plugs, just because this page ended up higher in google and bing for some reason. 脗聽馃槈


Poems, Schmoems…

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Violence impacted to society;
Embedded in life.
No capo, slide, fuzz pedal or 
Delay - no fingerpicks or 
Teleprompter, just play.
Eugene O'Neill wallops the skipper
With words and rocks the boat,
Frank Sinatra "does it [his] way"
Rooted in divine inspiration,
He claims.
Apple falls on head and
Turns lightbulb on jouncing
Thought, slurping coffee
Like a pretentious snit.
Jogging memory with a
Jarful of Jolt cola.
Orange lentils & linguini
Lodged in a sore throat.
Don't sop the heat of hot chili
With cucumber; use bread: good buffer.

Shelter Wagon is hospitality on a horse. 
Running from river to river
Haven't seen hay for 30 miles:
How come I have hayfever??

Run chasing your shadow
All morning; then you can 
Chase it home all afternoon.


Pepsi Cans & Peavey Amps. – by marco

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Pepsi Cans & Peavey Amps.

A poem by marco

(and also the title poem of a brand new chap book…)

Peanut Butter prohibited.
Protein, fat.
Meat is best, better than
Better, not bitter.
Meat, eat. Gnash-Gulash.

Spinach and peanut butter.
Why cringe?
Spinach and PB – PB & S.
Peanut butter and spinach???
Cottage cheese, please.
Loud raucous rock-n-roll music.

Tastes good.
Taste better than the plasma and
Saline I ate yesterday afternoon.
Fun with food/


Sometimes You War; Sometimes You Dialogue; Sometimes You Do Both.

“Sometimes it’s a good day to die, sometimes it’s a good day to have breakfast.” — Thomas Builds-the-Fire

College teacher Julie Jennings conveys the following breaking news:

“The 3-20-10 Providence Protest has sparked a dialogue with the game’s publisher. The game-maker is starting to consider Native pre-testing of the game. Julie Jennings would like the game-maker to be invited to present to the Rhode Island Indian Council. His letter will be printed soon and he (B. Youse, a corporate owner no doubt) can be reached at ”

RE: King Philip’s War role playing game.
Company Name: Multi-man Publishing.

My Opinion:

Awesome. Maybe he’ll allow a hefty portion of the outside panels of the box be words from elders of many tribes saying how they feel and strongly suggesting people learn more about not just Metacomet and Massasoit but find out more about each and every river name and street and town name. Heck there can be explanations that there are always more than one story that make up history at any time, and near the UPC label there could be a coupon for 5 bucks off at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research center. And maybe he’ll give a buck or two from each purchase to children in Haiti and Pine Ridge.

And how about a booklet listing NDN bands, artists, actors, songwriters, movie makers and all kinds of other talented people both contemporary and old.

There should be a separate booklet showing the facts that the original 13 colonies only succeeded in driving England out because native american boys were such skilled harpooners, lancers, swimmers, helmsmen and tacticians.





I demand somewhere on the box be placed the quote that almost got John Ledyard jr. kicked out of Dartmouth where he wrote in a bluebook that he felt Uncas should be placed right up there with Darwin or Isaac Newton for his grasp of science, technology tactics and domestic and nation to nation concerns.

OK I better stop ranting or this will get too long. Let me just say that all represents how I feel so far. I don’t want this box to see light of day but if it must, this is some of the treatment I believe it should be given from beginning to end.


Who Remembers When G-d Supposedly Said He’d Strike Oral Roberts Dead??

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Who remembers when Oral Roberts said he needed to raise a certain amount of millions or G-d was going to strike him dead?

And Who remembers when he claimed he met G-d near a burning bush and was told he had a stay of execution and had until February instead to raise the last million or two that he was short.

I am not bringing this up just to run a dirty old rotten scoundrel through the mud even more immediately after he actually died.

Mostly I’m bringing it up because you might have forgotten.

I will never judge him, and since I didn’t even send him 35 cents, it was easy to forgive him; but I will never forget.

And I aim to make sure you don’t either.

Surely the most famous of all the Lord’s speaking to Charismatics is the famous, “Oral Roberts Death Threat Prophecy” a preposterous and fabricated supposed “Word from the Lord.” Roberts told his nationwide audience in 1987 that God had threatened to call him home if he couldn’t raise 8 million dollars by his creditor’s deadline. Whether or how that threat might have been carried out the world will never know because Roberts received a last minute reprieve in the form of a large check from a Florida dog track owner, as you remember. Two years later when Roberts was forced to close his massive, multi-million dollar City of Faith Medical Center anyway, in spite of the 8 million dollars, he asked God, “Why?” And Oral Roberts said God spoke to him and God said,

“I had you build the City of Faith large enough to capture the imagination of the entire world, about the merging of My healing streams of Prayer and Medicine. I did not want this revelation localized in Tulsa, however, and the time has come when I want this concept of merging My healing streams to be known to all people and to go into all future generations.” So said God. Roberts said, “It is clearly in my spirit, as I have ever heard Him, the Lord gave me an impression, ‘You and your partners have merged prayer and medicine for the entire world, for the Church World and for all generations.’ And then He said, ‘It is done.’ And then I asked, ‘Is that why after eight years you are having us close the hospital and after eleven years the medical school?’ And God said, ‘Yes, the mission has been accomplished in the same way that after three years of public ministry, my Son said on the cross, Father, it is finished!'”

[ref]=[ ]


I am my brother’s keeper…

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I *am* my brother’s keeper. Healthcare is neither a right NOR a privilege; rather it is simply something I should make sure everyone around me has access to. The “returns” and benefits of giving that out, comes back exponentially and immensely!


Three Milwaukee hospitals own this massive flatbed truck with MRI/CAT/Airblower/CAD thing worth about a billion dollars that I’m sure won’t be paid off and fully owned until 2020! How come each hospital can list the full amount as an asset when convenient, yet a liability when not??? I thought Exxon Valdez and Enron were our wakeup calls that creative math was going to kill us?

Healthcare costs come way down, people take two aspirin and some apple juice instead of antibiotics whenever effective, we shift as much into preventative rather than catastrophic as we can, and we look around and punish fraud. I betcha the tort reform people are yakking away about has less to do with malpractice and more to do with wanting to keep defrauding with flatbed trucks and brand new panasonic laptops and stuff.


Fox pilot entitled ‘Glee’ a smash hit in realtime!!!

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脗路 Yay, I found one (count ’em 1) person who hated #glee : @miffthefox18 minutes ago from web

脗路 @ncmacasl sounds like fox is going to replay it a bunch of times all summer so I think you’re in luck. 馃檪20 minutes ago from web in reply to ncmacasl

脗路 @DCDiva28 Oh yeah, terry gross. fresh air. that’s right… enjoy! #glee30 minutes ago from web in reply to DCDiva28

脗路 @DCDiva28 NPR yesterday. Lemme see if I can find transcripts and archives. You’re going to “heart” that interview, I think…32 minutes ago from web in reply to DCDiva28

@RachelQuart #glee needs to quit with the Journey though, & I’d like less AutoTune (TM) but other than that I thought it was grrreat!35 minutes ago from web in reply to RachelQuart

Did anyone out there actually dislike #glee ? I soooo wanted to, but was pleasantly surprised.38 minutes ago from web

脗路 #glee Don’t think I’ve ever seen a twittersearch topic blow up this much. Brace URself peeps — enough bandwidth?about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 The #glee twitter search is blowing up. 590 new entries in the time it takes to write and hit /update/ … oops 61, 188 more results…about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 OK I love #glee and I hate #glee I’d say that’s another indication of a critical success, eh?about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 “you’re a 9, you need a 10.” Who’s thinking Bend It Like Beckham right about now? funk soul brother… #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

脗路 #glee I don’t know about anyone else but I flinch every time I hear autotune (TM) ok? please make a note of it…about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 #glee I coulda done without the prot00lz autotune overproduction ok?about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 Ok, this ending to #glee feels like an episode of HBOTime’s Weeds.about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 OK, #glee ; underdog, punching sides of beef, climbing ziggurats like Rocky Balboa roaring crescendo, come on… give it to us. 馃槈about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 #glee Watching teens & preteens singing about how they refuse to go to rehab is just surreal, but from the guy who brought us Nip/Tuck.. okabout 1 hour ago from web

脗路 @trixieleesam thnxabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to trixieleesam

脗路 @DCDiva28 cool. I think it’s a sure thing. Was listening to a 1hr interview with the screenwriter on NPR ystrday. Sounded compelling. #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web in reply to DCDiva28

脗路 #glee : / D A Bm G / D A F#m G / — Dont stop ghostwritin’ / Hold on to the rights, yeah / Backdoor peopleabout 1 hour ago from web

脗路 Dont stop ghostwritin’ / Hold on to the rights, yeah / Backdoor people / D A Bm G / D A F#m G /about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 jezuz, #glee is this entire series going to be so that Journey can re-license each and every tired old worn out ghostwritten crap-t00n???about 1 hour ago from web

脗路 @DCDiva28 very. I’d watch this weekly I think. #gleeabout 2 hours ago from web in reply to DCDiva28

脗路 @DCDiva28 What sux0rs about #glee is if this pilot succeeds, we’re not seeing it again til september! Strange marketing! @Rora_ @allie_88about 2 hours ago from web

脗路 @DCDiva28 wait’ll you hear Rehab!about 2 hours ago from web in reply to DCDiva28

脗路 @DCDiva28 Aglee. Er Uh, Er, I mean Agree. 馃槢about 2 hours ago from web in reply to DCDiva28

脗路 Glee is the name of the show following Amerikan Idle 2nite. It’s a pilot. In case NE1 was wondering…about 2 hours ago from web


A Comment And Some Linx.

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Now that Pfizer’s safety measures contracted the dreaded flu,
We’ll never be able to keep from calling it swine;
Perhaps a common symptom no one noticed in the hullabaloo
Would be coherence falling out of line.

(7575 by the way. :))

H1N1 spread to Pfizer’s safety measures
=脗聽脗聽脗聽 H1N1 spread to Pfizer despite safety measures

or maybe

H1N1 spread to Pfizer’s safety measures
=脗聽 H1N1 spread to Pfizer; safety measures taken

or simply

H1N1 spread to Pfizer’s safety measures
=脗聽 H1N1 spread to Pfizer; safety measures

I’m wracking my brain trying to remember why
a bachelors degree is the only real prerequisite
for part time journalism jobs.

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